Issue No.29 Autumn 2006



















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Editor’s Odds and Ends


Chairman’s Final Report

Membership Secretary’s Report – Ted Hazelden

The Ashcombe celebrates its 30th Anniversary

Bursary Winner 2006 – Mariam L’grindi

The Ashcombe wins European Languages Award 2005


Tributes to:

Miss Coney – from Bernard Burbidge, Reg Russell, Monica Everest,

following those in the Spring Edition

Yvonne Martin – from her twin sister Joy Real

Alison Williams (Scragg) – from Linda Atkinson

Philip Blake – from his sister Rosemary Dale

Jill Williams (Burbidge) – from her brother Bernard


Celebrating Sheila's Seventieth Birthday

Ralph Mann (1937-40) would have been happier had he stayed at DCS!

The Long Ride (not a Walk) – concluding the Long Walk saga – Roj & Dusty

Pictures of camping in the '50s.

Missed opportunities – Stephen Sheppard (1946-53)

John Hardy retires again

“Our” Fish ‘n’ Chips shop!

Philatelists’ Delight


Robert Miller on Mole Valley today

Dave Wilcockson (1953-60) 1500 Not Out! – Andrew Culton

Pictures of same.




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