Issue No.28 Spring 2006



















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Editor's Odds and Ends


Official opening of the Bradley Arts Centre at The Ashcombe

Membership Secretary's Report ‑ Ted Hazelden

Tributes to Miss Coney from Sheila Sandford and Janet Birkin

Tony Luck (1933‑2005) ‑ a fulfilling

A Reunion Toast to the Association ‑ Marilyn James

Worth the hassle to get to the 2005 Reunion ‑ Janet Birkin

An OD Wartime Reunion ‑ Bert Randall

Mike Dobson's Picture Puzzle

In Australia with Doc & Hebe ‑ Chris Smith

Hebe's latest book "Klara" ‑ synopsis by Chris Smith

The Long Walk ‑ some further comments ‑ Gus Guthrie

Recollections of 'Ted' Dryer ‑ Ash Emery

Nostalgic day in Dorking for Paul Mills and Friends

John Hayns has "A late career change"

Robert Miller on Mole Valley today

Peter Mills ‑ Award for Outstanding Service to Sport in Mole Valley

Old Dorkinian Football Club ‑ Peter Mills

Mike Dobson's Picture Puzzle ‑ Answers

Unidentified Ladies on Picture Page are .....

Old Dorkinian Cricket Club ‑ Dave Wilcockson




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