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Editor’s Odds and Ends


Secretary’s Important Message about the Reunion Lunch on 13 October

Secretary’s Personal Note of Thanks

Membership Secretary’s Report – Ted Hazelden

Mike Nicholson-Florence, our Webmaster, promotes the Website

Bursary Award doubled to £500 - Mike N-F with the Sixth-Formers

Tributes to: Albert Roland Hall – from Ken Hall

Bryan Lawrence – from Linda Atkinson (Follett)

Valmai Scrivener (Daily) – from Paul Mills

John Wright – from Hazel Smith

Miss Coney – another influence recalled by Sheila Sandford

Robert Miller has made a generous donation to the Dorking Museum

Gordon Fisher, an old Dorking Chick, has left his mark on Concordia!

Mike Dobson’s Reunion Lunch Toast to Sheila, and to the ADA

Mike Dobson wants the last word on the Long Walk Saga – who’s next?

Monica Everest was pleasantly surprised!

John Crookall’s musical legacy from Doc

Stephen Sheppard – Primeval Pagan Mnemosyne

Robin Boxall was sorry to miss the AGM, again!

Nick Ridley – Penang News October 2006

Robert Miller on Mole Valley today

Old Dorkinian Football Club – Peter Mills

Old Dorkinian Cricket Club – Dave Wilcockson


Membership List



REUNION/AGMSaturday 13th October 2006 at Tyrrells Wood Golf Club


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