Winter Edition December 2001


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Welcome Again to this Winter Newssheet to bring you up‑to‑date with current and proposed happenings of the ADA in addition to letting you all know this year's Committee Members.

Welcome too to the new Upper and Lower Forms of the Ashcombe School. You know of our existence from our awards of the ADA Bursaries and the ADA School Prizes. We are the Association of the ex‑pupils and staff of The Ashcombe and all former constituent Schools. We hold a large database of former pupils to enable you to keep in touch with each other and we encourage you to hold regular reunions.

…and to Former Pupils who may read this on the Website

Hopefully you will join us if only to ensure the survival of the Association. Membership is free for the first 2 years after leaving school – just write to us or email us at


The Annual Reunion/AGM

The AGM was well attended with Norman Bradshaw again occupying his customary place in the front row. We say ‘Welcome' to our new Chairman, John Hayns who was elected into the hot‑seat. In his inaugural address John thanked his predecessor for his leadership and effort, acknowledging that it will be difficult act to follow. He also paid tribute to David Mountain, who has so splendidly held the newsletter editorship since the inception of the Association.

He reiterated the aims of the Association, as defined in the Constitution and felt that the reports which had been presented at the AGM were testament to their achievement within the limits set by finite resources, particularly on matters financial. These are derived almost entirely from subscriptions. Recent increases in annual subscription, John continued, are largely to maintain the quality of the newsletter and the level of bursaries. How we might improve on financial support to the school is a topic for debate some other time.

He felt that the Committee walks a fine line when it comes to financial decisions and it would be helpful if some feed back were received from members. If feel we are achieving our objectives or whether more should be done. The obvious way is to increase

membership, thus helping to keep down subscriptions. We should consider increasing membership as an additional objective in our Constitution. He looked forward to his first year in office and being able to report a year of progress.


Mr Webster's Headteacher's Review was well received. Pupils at The Ashcombe School had done particularly well (again!) both academically and athletically. The Sports Hall was virtually completed on time and on budget. The Ashcombe School

celebrated its Silver Jubilee in September, having been formed in 1976. Although it had originally been decided to keep the celebrations 'low‑key’, there were more than 100 who turned up, many having seen the notice on the Friends Reunited website.


Your Committee for 2001/02

Our Constitution decrees that the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer shall not hold office for more than three consecutive years. So it was a bit like 'all‑change' at this year's AGM. John Hayns, introduced above, is our new Chairman, and Maureen Meier has been elected Treasurer. Sheila Sandford, our ever hard‑working Secretary, elected last year, has agreed o continue as such, as does our Vice Chairman David Mountain. John Gent moves over to be Membership Secretary.

We say goodbye to Mike Dobson, our Chairman for the past 3 years who is now taking on the role of 'Archivist` Also to Rosemary Dale, our recent Membership Secretary, and to Committee Member and former Secretary, Lionel Rose. We welcome three new Committee Members. Anna Cooper, Peter George and Mike Nicholson‑Florence. Anthony Lockwood and Robert Miller have agreed to continue their good work on the Committee.

The Reunion Lunch

There was a disastrous fire at the Watermill Restaurant just a week before the AGM. With the greatest of luck we managed to find another venue at the Leatherhead Leisure Centre. Not only that we were able to get the same menu at a similar price. Needless to say, a great time was had by all!

Next Year's Reunion Lunch

will be held on Saturday. 6 OCTOBER 2002 when we have been fortunate enough to secure a reservation at Denbies Vineyard. This is a week earlier than usual so we want to give you plenty of notice. The news of this venue will be very warmly welcomed and, at the moment, we have the choice of two rooms. Therefore we need an idea of numbers before finalising the details in the New Year. Could you please send Sheila Sandford a brief note indicating your interest (and whether one or two places) by WEDNESDAY 16 JANUARY 2002. We would hate to have to turn anyone away because we had not booked a large enough room, but the Association has to make a commitment to Denbies in mid‑January hence the request. Please e‑mail or post to Sheila Sandford ( details below).

Remembrance Sunday 2001

A group of members, Including members of the Committee, held a short service of Remembrance on Sunday 11th November. John Hayns had managed to obtain details and information of all those former pupils and staff who are listed on the plaques in the school's entrance foyer. The ceremony took the form they of a Commemoration with John Hayns and Mike Dobson reading out the information. The picture below shows the group in front of the Memorial Gates just after the ceremony.




Sunday 11th November 2001


ADA Members and the Committee at the Memorial Gates at the Ashcombe School

after a short act of Remembrance.




Doc Morgan Award

Originally, Pat Ruthven's proposal -- was for a ‘one off’ award to a School student as a tribute to Doc Morgan. The award would be in recognition of Doc's talent and musical ability and his services to the School, not only in the many musical productions he directed, but in encouraging his pupils to gain an appreciation of music which has lasted all their lives.

Thus far, it must be said, contributions have been somewhat disappointing. A small subcommittee has been setup to consider the form of the award, which of course should be musically associated: whether it be a plaque to be engraved annually or something more

tangible, such as an item for the school music department, or both. The fund is still open for further donations as is the suggestion box.

All interested please contact Maureen Meier (details below).


On Sad Note it is with deep regret that we announce the deaths of two we loved and stalwart members of the Association.

Prof. Peter Newman died on November 6th and we extend our sincere condolences to his widow, Jennifer and his family. lan Taylor who

some will remember came to the AGM with his wife Jill but was not well enough to stay for the lunch, died early in December from bowel

cancer which was only diagnosed about (6 months ago. Our sincere condolences to Jill, his family and friends, particularly David Mountain who knew him for over 50 years. Also we are sorry to report the death of Bill Slogrove on 15th October at the age of 92 in Bognor. For many years he was of course the School Caretaker.


In Conclusion

We on the Committee would like to wish all of you the Compliments of the Season and a Happy, Healthy New Year.


Please Note: Subscriptions are due 1st September (Standing Order Payments: 1st December) £10.00 (Single), £15.00 (Joint), Full Time Students and School Leavers Free. Please pay any outstanding subscriptions, but do not duplicate if you have already paid. (Some of you have still not altered your SO !)





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Committee Members


Anna Cooper, Peter George, Anthony Lockwood, Robert Miller, Mike Nicholson-Florence