Interim NewsSheet


Winter Edition


November 2002



Welcome to this Interim NewsSheet



which brings you up‑to‑date with current and proposed happenings of the ADA, in addition to letting you know this year's Committee Members. The Newssheet has been John Gents 'baby' since he first produced it in March 1995, but now that John has stepped down from the Committee we thank him for introducing the idea and seeing it successfully through seven editions. For the time being, the Editor of the Newsletter is taking on this extra work, luckily with a lot of help from Sheila Sandford, but hopes that someone else will be in place next October!


The Annual Reunion/AGM ‑ October 5th


The Chairman, John Hayns, welcomed Mr Webster, the Headteacher, and Miss Hayes, Head of Music, together with 72 Members, with Norman Bradshaw in the front row as usual: 48 Members were kind enough to send apologies for absence.


Under Matters Arising Lionel Rose reported that it would be possible to make a digital transcription to CD of a recording by the school choir, but the process of making the master copy would be costly. Subsequent CDs could be produced for approximately £2. About 40 people present expressed interest, so the matter was referred to the committee for further action


Doc Morgan Award


The Chairman remarked how fortunate many of us were to have had Doc as our Head of Music, and how indebted to him for the enthusiasm and energy which he applied in abundant measure. One could not but admire his sheer confidence in undertaking such great works as Messiah, and the Brahms, Mozart, Beethoven, and Haydn requiems, and many other works and musical activities.

The committee had spent nearly two years in consultation, research, and fundraising since Pat Ruthven proposed the idea of some form of recognition of Doc's influence. The response from members had been astonishing both in monetary terms (over £1400) and in the quality of tributes paid to Doc. Maureen Meier, having administered the fund and collated the many letters of tribute, of which a selection was on display, read out a note from Doc expressing his appreciation of the response.


The Chairman then called on Mr Webster and Miss Hayes to accept the conductor's podium and the duet piano stool, both of which bore appropriate plaques (we hope to have photos for the next Newsletter).















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Copy date for Spring 2003



1st March











Officers and Committee for the year 2002/2003, elected at AGM, 5.10.2002:



48 Archer House, Vicarage Crescent, London, SW 11 3 LG Tel: 020‑7738‑ 1675 E:



65, Broadhurst, Ashtead, Surrey, KT21 1 QD Tel: 01372 ‑ 273 227 E:David.H.Mountain@btinternetcom



73, Copthorne Road, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 7EE Tel/FAX: 01372 ‑ 372 936 E:



Old Forge House, 318 Lower Road, Bookham, Surrey, KT23 4DU. Tel/FAX: 01372‑457407 E:



Redshanks, West Street, Lilley, Herts., LU2 8LH Tel: 0 1462 ‑ 768 838 FAX: 01462 ‑ 769 459 E:




ARCHIVIST: Michael DOBSON Trescott, Church End, Ravensden, Bedford, MK44 2RP Tel/FAX: 0 1234 ‑ 771 685







Headteacher's Report


Mr Webster thanked the Association for the beautiful gifts as a tribute to Dr Morgan, quoting "A teacher's influence lasts for ever”, and said that we had celebrated an extreme example of this today. He also thanked us for the Annual Bursary and contributions to the Awards Evening.

The School had just celebrated the Royal opening of the wonderful Sports Hall which was the culmination of ten years' effort. The School now wanted to develop a Centre for the Performing Arts, using the redundant sports hall as a base.

Academically, the School had had another excellent year, A Levels being the best ever with a 98% pass rate and three students gaining entrance to Oxbridge. GCSE also showed an improvement.

Finally, Mr Webster thanked Mike Dobson for presenting a copy of his book "Wings over Thurleigh", and said the School was honoured to receive it.


Chairman's Report


Whilst thanking the Committee generally for their support over the past year, John Hayns paid a special tribute to Sheila Sandford and Maureen Meier who had spent much time reorganising our records, and thanked Peter George for recently taking on the role of Membership Secretary, a vital job as accurate membership records are fundamental to the collection of subs and the solvency of the Association. The reason for the increase in subs at the end of 2001 had generally been understood and accepted, and very few had discontinued their membership.

The Chairman thanked John Gent, on standing down from the committee, for his wide ranging contribution to the Association over the past eight years.

Constitution Minor amendments were explained, and accepted by the Meeting without dissent. A copy is enclosed with this Newssheet.

The Treasurer's Report showed that there was a surplus of just under £600 (as opposed to the previous year's deficit of £1400), underlining how essential it had been to raise the subs. After the Report and Accounts were adopted, a small presentation was made to Peter Mills on standing down as Auditor after ten years' service, and it was announced that Ray Alexander had been appointed Auditor for the coming year.

The New Committee, shown on the front page, is the same as the previous one apart from John Gent, so there is a vacancy for a volunteer ‑ or a bit of pressure may have to be applied somewhere!


The new Membership Secretary, Peter George,

would be pleased to receive overdue subscriptions! The September Newsletter contained a reminder that cheque payments are due on 1st September annually. At the time of writing these notes, some £900 is outstanding so, if you pay by cheque each year and have not yet done so, please act straight away because your subscription is important to help cover the Association's running costs. Peter will also be pleased to send you details about paying by Standing Order (please note that this is not payment by Direct Debit!) which will save both the Association and yourselves a lot of trouble.

(Individual subscriptions remain at £10 and Joint Membership is £15.)


Coming Events a suggestion has been made that a summer function might attract more ‑and different ‑ people if held at a different location. Would anyone be generous enough to host a lunch or picnic in their own garden? It would be wonderful if we could have offers from North, South, East and West to undertake such events. It would be left to each host to decide how to play it, and some gardens would have room for a dozen or so, while others might accommodate about 30. Each host would select a date, and the events should be totally self financing.


If you feel you could help in this way please contact Sheila Sandford in the first place.


A reply slip is enclosed so that we can gauge interest in the activities proposed for2003.

Please let us know what you would be prepared to support.

We need your feedback!


Diary Dates for 2003


The Annual Reunion/AGM: will be Saturday 4th October, with lunch at Denbies again


Copy for the next Newsletter: by 1st March 2003, please.



David H Mountain, 65 Broadhurst Ashtead, Surrey, KT21 1QD


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