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Welcome to this Interim NewsSheet

mainly concerning the recent Annual Reunion/AGM and giving you details of the new Committee.

Mike Nicholson‑Florence invites you to view Reunion photos on our website and will welcome contributions at:


The 14th Annual Reunion/AGM ‑ October 8th

The Chairman, Keith Verran, opened the meeting by welcoming Mr David Blow, the Headteacher, together with fifty three Members and supporters. Fifty seven Members sent apologies for absence.

At this point Keith explained that there would be a break with tradition to accommodate a tour of the new Bradley Arts Centre, calling for the Headteacher's Report to precede his own.


Headteacher's Report

David Blow started by introducing Many Penman, a VIth Form student, who gave an excellent presentation on her recent trip to China. Members gave her an enthusiastic round of applause and the Chairman presented her with a small gift as a mark of appreciation.

Mr Blow then looked back over the last academic year and said the A Level results had been of high quality. He emphasised that all students were given the opportunity for A level study, whatever their academic prospects ‑ all had gained at least two Es. A good number had attained grade A. GCSE results showed an excellent 82% ‑ even those who were not keen on school bothered to turn up for the exams and achieved. Currently over 160 students were doing A levels and, with inspirational Music Teachers, as many as 25% of the students were doing GCSE in Music.

The Bradley Arts Centre was now completed, on time and on budget. It opened on 1 st September and, despite this addition, there was still pressure for space. The Bradley Arts Centre has 3 large art rooms, and 3 large music rooms, with adjoining teaching rooms. There was a Drama Teaching room with lights and curtains, and a performance area. He reminded members that the name "Bradley" was taken from Bradley Farm.

He then took the majority of members on a short tour to see the new Bradley Arts Centre. This was much admired by members, many of whom felt they would have undertaken their arts studies more enthusiastically if they had had such wonderful modern facilities!

On returning to the Study Centre, Mr. Blow concluded his review by saying that there had been a massive upgrade of IT resources, with every computer now using Windows XP. Mr. Blow paid tribute to a superb new IT Manager and an IT Technician who provided excellent support.

Business Week had been held in July and this had included interviewing experience, The Ashcombe had won a European Award for Languages and a prestigious Award for the number of pupils learning two extra languages.


The Chairman thanked Mr. Blow for his presentation and for organising the IT facilities in the Study Centre for our meeting. It had all been most interesting and we wish it had been like this when we were at school! The Chairman made a presentation of .'something liquid", which he had brought from France, in appreciation of Mr. Blow's contribution to our meeting.





Officers and Committee for the year 2005/2006, elected at AGM, 8.10.2005:



"Le Bourg de Cenac", 24250 Cenac et St. Julien, Dordogne, FRANCE Tel: 0033 (0) 5 53 28 57 01 E: keithverran@bodicote‑u‑



65, Broadhurst. Ashtead, Surrey, KT21 1 QD Tel: 01372 ‑ 273 227 E:



73, Copthorne Road, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 7EE Tel: 01372 ‑ 372 936 E:



Old Forge House, 318 Lower Road, Bookham, Surrey, KT23 4DU. Tel/FAX: 01372‑457407 E:



23 Dunsdon Avenue, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7NX Tel: 01283 ‑ 566 639 E:






Trescott, Church End, Ravensden, Bedford, MK44 2RP Tel/FAX: 01234 ‑ 771 685




Chairman's Report

The Committee had met four times in the past year, and he had been able to travel from France to attend all of them. He thanked the various members of the Committee for their contributions.

He was sorry to have to report the deaths during the year under review of Mr T E Dryer, former much respected Latin teacher, Jim Spencer, who had been our oldest member, Sandy Hughes, and Michael Pearson. Tributes had appeared in the Spring Newsletter.


Membership Secretary's Report

Ted Hazelden said that when he took on this task in May his priority had been to chase up the non‑payers, resulting in the loss of 24 student members, some of whom had 'disappeared'; others were unwilling to continue membership when invited to subscribe. He had prepared an updated Membership List for the Meeting with a number of queries on the reverse which he hoped Members present might be able to help with. He expressed thanks to those who had signed Bank Standing Orders which simplified administration and helped greatly towards keeping the financial situation stable.


Treasurer's Report

Maureen Meier presented the accounts and commented that we would have a serious financial problem if it weren't for our printers charging very little for producing the Newsletters. Otherwise, the Association's finances were in a healthy state.

In answer to a question from the floor, she explained that the annual Bursary for an Ashcombe student still stood at 250, but in 2004 the Bursary Sub‑committee had had great difficulty in choosing between two excellent candidates, and the full Committee had agreed to make two awards of 250.

After the Accounts were adopted the Chairman thanked Ray Alexander for his work as Auditor and for agreeing to be reappointed for the year 2005‑2006.


The New Committee

is shown on the front page, is the same as the previous one apart from the confirmation of Ted Hazelden as Membership Secretary (having taken over the position from Sheila Sandford in May), and the very welcome addition of John Hardy and Lionel Harris.


Lunch at Betchworth Park Golf Club

A very good lunch at this beautiful 'new' venue was enjoyed by 64 Members and guests. John Hayns was MC, Grace was spoken by Rosemary Dale, and Toasts were proposed by Valerie Bartlett (Absent Friends), Andrew Glass (The School), and Marilyn James (The Association).


Coming Events?

Is there anyone willing to host a party to revive the memories of the splendid occasions we had in 2004? Please let Sheila Sandford know by the end of January if it's a possibility.


Sad news

We are very sorry to report the death of Tony Luck on 26th October after a long illness. Would anyone with memories of Tony please send them to the Editor in time for the next Newsletter.


Good News

Congratulations to Peter Mills on his recent award for Outstanding Service to Sport in Mole Valley ‑ more details in the next Newsletter!


Diary Dates for 2006


The Annual Reunion/AGM: will be on Saturday 14th October, with lunch at Betchworth Park Golf Club


Copy for the next Newsletter: by 1st March 2006, please



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