DCGS Panoramic Views for 1964


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Dorking County Grammar School - Pupils and Staff - 1964
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Staff (L to R):  Mrs Thorne, ??, ??, Miss Baigent, Miss Pleass, ??, Mrs Simpson, Miss Price, Miss Barker, Mrs James, Mrs Titmarsh, Miss Secretan, Miss May, Miss Keenor, Mrs Davies, Miss Williams, Miss Coney, Miss Macaulay, Miss Barter, Miss Rigby(Deputy Head), Mr Johnson (Headmaster), Mr Hayter, Mr Bradshaw, Mr Woodman, Mr Ashby, Mr Galbraith, Dr Morgan, Mr Spiring, Mr Dryer, Mr Wolff, Mr Howard, Mr Penman, Mr Day, Mr Williams, Mr Weatherhead, Mr Bedwell, Mr Clark, Mr Dye, Mr Macklin, Mr Abbot, Mr Kimber, Mr Slogrove

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Dorking County Grammar School - Pupils and Staff - 1964 Left Half
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DCGS 1964 - analysis by Ted Hazleden

 At the edges of the photo there are 7 rows of people. However in the centre there is a further row, No 4 from front.

So we have:

1     Back Row 1 through 83     Left to Right
2 1 through 92     Left to Right
3 1 through 81     Left to Right
4  1 through 88    Left to Right
5   Not marked 1 through 65 Starting in from left and finishing before end on right
6 1 through 81     Left to Right
7 1 through 87     Left to Right
8   Front Row 1 through 79     Left to Right
To make it easier to locate and/or identify people, Ted split the wide photo into 6 sections so as to label every tenth person in rows 1-4 and 6-8.
Row 5 is not so marked every tenth person and will need to be identified on basis of either row 4 or 6.
The first person in row 5 is between persons 9 and 10 in rows 4 and 6 and the last person is between 80 and 81 in row 4 and 74 and 75 in row 6.
Your webmaster has combined these 'frames' back into the two 'halves' shown above, but they are shown below in the six frames which you may
navigate along using the buttons, watch as a slideshow or expand any one frame.

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