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DCGS School Panoramas 1936-74


DCGS School Panoramas 1932-74



Panoramas Possible

We know there were panoramas taken in 1932, 1936, 1938, 1947, 1953, 1964 and 1974.

It seems probable that they were done at approximately 5 year intervals (with a gap for World War Two).

In the old School Hall, on the wall, they hang the photos for 1932, 1938 and 1953.

We have 1932, 1936, 1938, 1947, 1953, 1964 and 1974 on show here.

More recent ones would also be of interest. If you know of other panoramas and where they may be found, please let us know and hopefully we may scan and add to the collection here.

There remain problems with some images not loading, particularly 'close-up' or 'zoom' images. All these images, or their sources, are somewhat large and take time to load; broadband can be very slow. In some cases you have an option of a smaller source.

Close Ups feature usually for both Full and Half (Left and Right) Frame Views. For 1964 there is a Six Frame/Slice option. 1964 has had the largest feedback so far in names recognised (followed by 1953) and tables appear in 'Gallery Extras'. The other panoramas are also covered.

I appreciate feedback where there is any problem or a need to clarify


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  Find Faces for Names


  How to use Close Ups


  Close Ups for 1936

  Close Ups for 1947

  Close Ups for 1953

  Close Ups for 1964

  Close Ups for 1964
   (Six slices)

  Close Ups for 1974


  Gallery Extras

  including names & locations
  in panoramas


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Panoramas of Dorking County Grammar School
taken in various years



          DCGS panorama for 1932     

          Close Ups for 1932


          DCGS panorama for 1936     

          Close Ups for 1936


          DCGS panorama for 1938     

          Close Ups for 1938


          DCGS panorama for 1947     

          Close Ups for 1947


           DCGS panorama for 1953     

          Close Ups for 1953

          Numbering of Left Half heads           Numbering of Right Half heads


            DCGS panorama for 1964     

           Close Ups for 1964

           Close Ups for 1964
          (Six slices)


            DCGS panoramas for 1974   

           Close Ups for 1974

            and perhaps later years in time?




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