Successor to

THE OLD DORKINIAN ASSOCIATION                                                             From The Secretary:  Miss Sheila Sandford,

                                                                                                                                            73 Copthorne Road


                                                                                                                                             Surrey.     KT22 7EE.




1st September 2010



Dear Member – and yes, this means you!


HELP!   Committee vacancies


With the enclosed Agenda for our AGM on 9th October 2010, comes a nomination form for new members for our committee.


Over the last couple of years, our Chairman, Lionel Harris, has sent letters to the membership on the subject of our desperate need for nominations for the committee, in order to keep the Association going.   Despite these attempts (which brought forth several apologies from members who were unable to help), the committee has soldiered on, knowing that the majority of you appreciate the benefits of membership of A.D.A.


Now we really have reached crisis point.


The Chairman has served his three-year term of office and has kindly served an extra year.   It is not reasonable to expect him to continue further which highlights the need for recruiting more people to our committee, which will ensure the future of this Association.


Maureen Meier’s retirement leaves another gap on the committee this year and the gap left by David Mountain’s resignation last year has not been filled as yet.


This year our Membership Secretary has said he feels the need for some assistance to give him flexibility in the future – this is an interesting post with people contact and requiring someone with computer skills (MS Word and Excel).


As for me, I have been seeking help for the last four years or so but no one has come forward.   With recent sight problems, I would hate to leave the Association in the lurch and would highly value the help of a Minute Secretary.


Do please give all these points very serious thought    we older committee members cannot know who among the recently retired members would be someone to approach – but you could help us by letting me know of any likely people who might be too shy to come forward and offer themselves for service!


A phone call to me (number not shown here) is all it would take to obtain further details or give us some names to work on.   I really hope you will rise to this challenge and get in touch with me (or any other member of our committee).


Yours hopefully,