ADA Website report 2010

Unfortunately I am unable to attend this year’s AGM and Reunion as I will be attending the wedding of my nephew in Southampton. Accordingly I present a report here.

There have been over 3000 ‘hits’ on the website this past year, of which some 1200 plus are by persons unknown, including Google and past members of the School who are not members.

Here is the activity over the past month:


Some of these ‘guests’ I have emailed back and discovered who they are; just a few have since joined us.

School Photos: Panoramas and Groups

On the website we hold photos, mainly from Grammar School times, to which I would like to add names. This is the Panoramas entry page: (1947 is in fact empty, awaiting a photo)

            ( See )


Here is the Panorama taken in 1953 and its Close Up on Mr Bradshaw:

                       ( See )


Using a Zoom technique, one can magnify a section and home in on an individual, as above for  Mr. N W Bradshaw. This gives one a set of coordinates to which a name can be added, as below  in this example with MissBurton:


For 1937 in Mr Rivett’s  and Mr Goffin’s era we have:  

                      ( See )


This is much clearer if you login to the ADA website under Gallery, select DCGS Panoramas and then Close Ups. Hopefully you will look at that and may be able to add names that are still missing. I do not expect ever to get all or even most names, but a fair fraction will be good.

I believe Panoramas were taken at roughly 5 years intervals, starting in 1932 but not during the Second World War. We have 1937, 1953, 1964 and 1974 on the website. We still lack 1947 and those from more recent years. Here is 1964, which was scanned in 6 x 1/6th slices:

                  ( See ) 


These photos are visible without a Website Login, though we hope most of you will in fact register if you have not already. Details of how to can be found at:


There are other photos on the website eg football teams, prefects over various years, some of which have had persons named, others not. Any contributions of names would be most appreciated as would letting us scan other photos not yet in our collection.

Mike Nicholson-Florence   (



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