ADAWebsite report 2013

Not a great deal has happened this year.  We still regularly get about 20 member visits a month and we have had some 64,000 hit by guests from all over the globe in the past year. Some of those leave an email address but few of these reply to any email I may send them , but one or two do.

In the past year I have been accumulating a few more names for faces on the DCGS Panoramas. The 1974 list is unchanged from last year but the others have added a few names. The state of play is as shown, comparing the past three years. It would be remarkable if we ever got to 95% in any year. 1964 is closest to that.




I must thank a whole host of good folk who have sent me in names; it is their efforts that give the numbers. But it is by no means finished. I have girls names given for obvious boys and vice versa. I have duplications of names; while I may expect several; John Smiths coexisting, I do not really expect multiple Betty Gunns. 1964 has the best return at 94% which I dare say will not get greatly improved upon. You may wonder why I use coordinates so much. It allows me to be more certain that you are naming one person. Row numbers and counts areless reliable. We have two Panoramas where rows 4 and 5 more or less coalesce and divide so making it arbitrary where one row is or not. I can quickly check with a coordinate which face you are naming. Some identifications could not be applied because there was doubt as to the person actually identified; fortunately very few. The worse thing is a face being given different IDs by different folk. There remain errors in the listing but if people kindly check from time to time, we may get fewer errors remaining.  There will always remain some errors but corrections will always be welcomed.

It is a symptom of what I regard as a defect that I have absolutely no photos from post 1976 to display. We collect more and more photos of prefects and sports groups from the 1940s to the 1960 which we try to caption with the appropriate names. These are stored in the website Gallery and I welcome naming of names there where we lack them and confirmation or correction of those we have. Indeed the website is the major storage place for all Association, DCGS and Ashcombe data records. We list all the World War victims known to us, past Head teachers, appreciations of former staff, all Bursary Awards since1995  It can and should be a place to find out things,report things from or for our Members. Mass emails tend to be regarded as spam while out Noticeboard remains free from such.

I have always tried to make access to the website as easy as possible. I prefer members to use a login with which they can see all parts. But much is visible without a login, particularly parts where I welcome information such as names. There are several alternative ways of navigating the site, with tree and menus and options. Nothing is perfect and nothing is immutable. Feedback and opinions are welcome.

We have produced booklets of these Panoramic photos where you may be able to view these photos and tables of names at your leisure. The website is always being updated and any paper edition is frozen, but I am aware that some still find computers and website a little difficult. Please spare a moment or two to look at these records for 1936, 1947, 1953, 1964 and 1974 and tell me what you like or dislike. Since last year we have added 1932 and 1938 panoramas to our collection.

If anyone has good quality photos from the past or not so long ago, do please let us know. We have absolutely no originals of the DCGS Panoramas and if anyone has a superb copy we might scan, it might prove better for any permanent print version than what we now have.