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The Ashcombe Dorkinian Association seeks to promote good relations between the Association members and The Ashcombe School. Each year it awards a Bursary to the Ashcombe student who is seen to have been the most effective in promoting the values that underlie Ashcombe School; in academic studies, community harmony and goodwill and the ability to cope with outside pressures of all sorts. The value of the Award this year is expected to be 500 and is awarded after interviews of applicants in June just after the exams. To apply a student should hand in this form with his/ her name added to Mr Ben Blackband, Head of Sixth Form so that we know you are intending to apply. Then we expect you to write a letter in which you set out why you think you should be awarded the Bursary, attaching such evidence that you have of your achievements, such as a list of your exams results so far, your sporting interests, your leisure interests, what jobs you may be doing/ have done, any references you might have from an employer or leisure activity manager/leader so that we gather an all round picture of what you have gained from and have returned to the community both inside and outside of school.


We expect you require a month or so to gather your thoughts and then, if you wish to apply, write your name on this form together with a letter of application which should then be handed to Mr Blackband, probably by 8th May 2017*. In principle we then consider the applications and invite a short list to attend for interview in the School in June.



* date to be confirmed





I wish to be considered for the Ashcombe Dorkinian 2017 Bursary Award and will submit a letter

and supporting information to Mr Blackband for forwarding to the Association Award Panel.






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