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Those who have not already indicated but might wish to receive their copy next time by email (and print out or view on their PC) or by URL link in an email to view direct from the website, please let us know.

The Newsletter Editor is Nick Ridley (1952-59) who is based in Penang, Malaysia. Email Nick at You may send non-email material to Sheila Sandford, ADA Secretary.

Mike Nicholson-Florence is the webmaster and he will accept copy etc to his email ( or by mail to 38, Treadcroft Drive, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 4BQ either for the website or for the Newsletters to forward electronically to Nick. The deadline for the Spring 2012 issue of the Newsletter was 29th February 2012. But we will receive anything at all times for later Newsletters or for entry on this website. Pictures, reports of events or even good stories....

3) The Index of Newsletters is complete and kept up to date from time to time.
All the Newsletters have been transcribed and put on to the site. Currently some (the older ones) are visible to allcomers, but eventually only the index and contents page will be visible publicly and the actual pages accessible only if you have an ADA login - which may be acquired by using the Registering link below or on the Members pages
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5) We always welcome news and opinions from members. Especially welcome are any pictures of people or places from reunions or events connected with the school, recent or in the past. Especially anything that can be included in future articles, either here or in the Newsletters, or to make a more populated gallery here. The website is always subject to reconstruction and would be much enhanced by good relevant photos. Comment and feedback would be appreciated on the rebuild; apologies if pages may appear at times 'under construction'.

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