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Membership Special Area

This page is meant to allow Members of the Association to share information without having it on view to the general public. We allow Guests to view many pages which may be of interest and hopefully show that we are an active organisation. They may read the index of recent Newsletters and some notices of events. It may encourage them to firstly join us by filling in a membership form and paying a membership fee. Then secondly being brave enough to register their email address with us so we can communicate with them and thirdly registering for a username and password to enable them to read this page and all Newsletters in full here and negotiate the complete search and index facility..


You have been through all these hurdles. We hope that you keep us informed if you change email address and note that you can change your password. A link is there for that. Generally we do not allow more than one username per email address so if you want to change username without a new email address, please ask us for help.


This page contains links on the left hand side which allow you to reach other members. There is a current list of members' details: addresses and emails. It is updated regularly. There is a Notebook cum Message Board where you may read other members' comments and put up comments and messages yourself. In this Notebook one has to remember to use a Title with maybe an optional keyword, it automatically adds the date so it can be found under 'Latest' or 'Recent'. For example you can say "Reunion 1999ers" etc to list as a Reunion item. It also helps if you use the HTML code for a newline < br > to keep lines visible, because it is not formatted (except by me later) and long lines go off to the right. One of the things on my list still to do.... and still 6 years later).


You may send a message directly to another member with 'Send a Message'. It may be a member of whom you do not know the email or even the full name. If you message 'Smith*' or 'Jon*' you get a list of the Smiths or the Jones from which to choose.

From here you can link to the latest Newsletter, search for an item in past newsletters with just a name or pertinent word. It is not all encompassing but will get you somewhere. There are full indexes for all past newsletters if you wish to peruse to find what you seek. Because we continually need to recruit new members, we list here the membership brochure which is particularly tilted to students who are leaving or have already left Ashcombe School, together with links to read or download Membership Forms, student or otherwise.

If you are interested in statistics and other members' activity on here, you may read who has recently been here. Many of the recent viewing will have been by me, your webmaster. I read the Notebook, look at the webmaster's email box regularly to check if any member has a problem on the website. Most of the problems come with registering and most derive from a desire to use a username with a space inside, which is perfectly valid, but means that when you come to validate your login registration, it comes with gap inside that generates a newline in the email which most of you do not notice and so return only half of the validation line - and then complain that the validation failed. Fortunately I can remedy that at a stroke if you let me know. But you reading this have passed that test already, so I am telling you so you can pass it on to those who have yet to register. I recommend a username that is all lowercase and without any spaces, eg ranmorerambler or jonsmith. I also recommend a password you can remember. But there is a password reminder service installed (under the login) and the odd email will generate a friendly response.

 You may enter the site via several routes There is the standard Home Page but you may find the Contents page or the Menu Page more to your liking. Or some other page suits you better. Choose which you prefer and save the URL. If your login has expired it may ask for you to relogin but then carry on. It does offer you various pages to go directly to from the Start Page; just use the pull-down list.

Further features will be added here as Members voice their views on what is of interest to them in maintaining contacts, arranging for future Reunions, news about Members etc. etc. Do please let us know of anything you would like to see or to change.

Mike Nicholson - webmaster ====== email:


View of St Martin's
from Church St

courtesy of John Campbell


View of White Horse Hotel