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Describing the School Memorials

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Lest we forget ....

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Every Remembrance Day the Association places a wreath at the Memorial Gates to commemorate the 50 or so names that are listed on the plaques in the Ranmore Building entrance hall and the many others we may or may not know who fell in the World Wars and other conflicts. The School itself may do similarly, but we are not aware of such. At the last Reunion it was clear that these memories are alive in our membership. It may be less to the fore with more recent School leavers but one expects even they are aware of the debt we owe these names.

It would be good therefore if, before all those who knew of any of the names and others pass on, they could help us to keep as accurate a record as possible. We ask anyone who has their own memories to check our lists for inaccuracies and omissions so at least we can properly remember them.

The memorial gates were set up in 1949 and re-erected in 2000 after their dismantling to allow the widening of the entrance to Ashcombe School some years before. The Association is endeavouring to maintain them as a proper memorial and to repair the damage evident in the plaques from frost and less than perfect workmanship. We will report on that later this year.