Reunions Completed


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Reunions Completed

1) We would like to keep a record here of any reunions undertaken previously. The Members' notebook may be used to leave messages if emails, telephone or standard mail are not appropriate.

2) We welcome news from any groups or years who have met up and any who would like to share pictures or reflections from such Reunions with others here.

3) We know of two such recent Reunions to share in 2011. One that of the 60ers who gathered for a meal at the Pilgrim Inn in Dorking on 4th June 2011. It was a warm evening and enjoyed by all who came; thanks to Liz Benger the 60ers coordinator. Another was a smaller one on August 2nd in Winchester where Jim Jawkins invited Chris Farley, John Hayns and Mike Nicholson to a lunch at the Golden Lion. Click for a pic

4) We know of two such Reunions in 2010. One was that of the 60ers who gathered for a barbecue meal in the summer, organised by Liz Benger.
The other, held in October, was the biennial meet of the 58ers, organised by Heather Scaplehorn; this year they met for a meal in Betchworth. While your webmaster was present with camera, no pictures were in fact taken.
Other years/groups may have met up, but no knowledge of them has reached here.

5) We only had one such recent Reunion to share in 2009, that of the 60ers who gathered for a meal at the Pilgrim Inn in Dorking on 14th November 2009.
A picture from that Reunion can be seen here.   Click to see full size.
Liz Benger the 60ers coordinator on left and Janet Roodbol and Alan Collins on right.

6) There was one such Reunion to share in 2008, that of the 58ers who assembled in Ferrensac, near Bergerac in France in June 2008. Pictures of that Reunion are displayed in the Gallery...
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Possible Reunion Reports

Example - 2008 Reunion of the class of 1956 -1963



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