Reunions Planned


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No Reunions planned so far

 We are not aware of any Reunions planned for this year. We will post any info when and if we have something to share.

Last Reunion held on June 30th 2012

 We had a reunion on June 30th at the Ashcombe School to celebrate 80 years of education in the School on Ashcombe Road, Dorking. Further info may be read by clicking here .

Flyer for June 30th 2012

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Any Reunions Planned for 2015?

 We would like to keep a record here of any reunions planned in 2015 so that all members of the Association may indicate if they are interested or can assist in any way. The Members' notebook might be used to leave messages if emails, telephone or standard mail are not appropriate.

1) We welcome news of any groups or years who may be planning to meet up or any who would like it to be known that they would be interested in such if only someone would organise it for them or even those keen to organise things themselves.

2) We won't organise it for you but will be happy to act as a forum or meeting point for those interested to get things moving or to discuss possibilities. We have reported in recent years for three different leaving years but there are more than 70 leaving years in our total history and at least 50 for those who left more than 20 years ago. Do the others have no interest? Maybe they just have had no recent contact with their contemporaries.


Possible Reunions in mind

 We will list here any we get advised about


 None known to us as yet


 If at a loss email us here