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Maureen Meier    on becoming an Honorary Member of A.D.A.

       (details in AGM Minutes)

Peter Mills            on being awarded the MBE in the New Years Honours 

       (more details in Spring Newsletter)





Saturday, 30 June 2012

An “all day” Reunion is being arranged


Details to follow shortly.

Make sure your old school friends save the date!

Please help to spread the word, especially to non-members who may not hear about it.    

All will be welcome

Members, non-members, families, Former and present Staff.




Do you have any memories concerning the death of King George VI and the events that followed?   Do you remember how David (Softy) Harding, then Head Boy, toured the classrooms on the morning of 6th February 1952, informing everyone of the King’s death?   I am sure the Newsletter Editor will be pleased to hear all your memories and consider them for inclusion the Spring Newsletter.



You would see from the complete AGM Minutes that our committee is further depleted.   It is very sad that no one will come forward to lend a hand, yet you all enjoy the benefits of membership.   We are very grateful for all the help and inspiration given to us by Richard Hancock who did not stand for re-election to the committee having served his three-year term.   Lionel Harris resigned as Chairman after five years – and to think he only came on board for a year in the first place when his predecessor was taken ill and twisted Lionel’s arm to carry on temporarily!  We owe Lionel grateful thanks for stepping into the breach.   There were no new nominations for the Committee.   This remains a very serious situation and we question how much longer the Association can continue without some new blood on the committee.   The Spring Newsletter will contain a list of little jobs that we need help with – please give it your very serious consideration


Proceedings of the Annual General Meeting follow in the Full Version, plus a report on Reunion Day and then the details of your new Committee .

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Sheila Sandford


Diary Dates for 2012

ADA 20th Birthday Reunion will be held at The School on Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Annual Reunion/AGM: will be on Saturday 13th October 2012


Copy for the Spring Newsletter:  by 6th March 2012, please

                                                                         Editor:  Nick Ridley   e-mail:

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