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Autumn 2008



ADA Chairman's Annual Report

News from the Secretary

News from the Membership Secretary

Website News from the Webmaster


Fitting tribute to a beloved music teacher

Tributes to Alan Posner (1927 - 2008) -

       •  by his son, Keith Posner

       •  tribute from Denis Tunstill

Tribute to Alick Fowler ( 1927 - 2008 )

Tribute to Mary Norman (Chapman, 1929 – 2008) - by Peter Chapman (1941-49)

Tribute to Helen E Towner ( 1913 – 2008 )- by her cousin Scott Read

ADA Bursary Award 2008

Ashcombe from the air - August 2008

News of Our Members -

       •  Colin Burgess

       •  Ian Dudley

       •  Andrew Kennedy

       •  Graham Smith

       •  Anthony Rolfe Johnson - by Michael Jarvis

Further on “Les Cleaners” - Identification almost completed

Reunion of the Class of 1958 - June 2008

Memorial Gates - repairs completed

Mole Valley Today - Robert Miller reports

Old Dorkinian Football Club - Peter Mills

Old Dorkinian Cricket Club - Dave Wilcockson

Other Sports?

Late News - Ashcombe School




Spring 2008




Membership Matters

Tributes to Doctor Morgan by:

        Hebe Morgan

        Brian Burbidge

        Sherry Burcher

        Doug Constable

        John Crookall

        Joyce Day

        Mike Dobson

        Pat Fothergill

        Les Hitchings

        Mike Jarvis

        Brenda Macrow

        Peter Nickol

        Jeremy Plummer

        David Richard

        Pic of Doc in action

        Brian Stenner

        Sue Timmins

A tribute to Jim Spiring, scientist and teacher, 1927-2007 ‑ Christopher Smith

        Jim Spiring at Reunion '06

In Memoriam ‑ Evelyn Gibbs

News from the ADA Webmaster ‑ Mike Nicholson-Florence

News of members

        Hazel Larcombe

        Brenda Macrow

        Ray Smith

        Doug Constable

        Frances Carder

Roger Cullis - and a photo competition

Mole Valley Today ‑ Robert Miller

A question to Debate ‑ Grammar v Comprehensive

The ADA Bursary Award for 2007 ‑ picture from Awards Evening

ADA Bursary Winner of 2005 reports ‑ Emma Savage

Ashcombe School exam results ‑ as compared locally

Old Dorkinian Football Club ‑ Peter Mills

Robert Stevenson (1911-2007) ‑ a tribute

Peter Jelfs (1921-2007) ‑ a tribute from his son Colin

Bill Day (1957-1975) celebrated ‑ his 65th Wedding Anniversary

Old Dorkinian Cricket Club ‑ Dave Wilcockson