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Autumn 2009


Reunion Day 2009


News from the Secretary

News from the Membership Secretary

Bursary Awards 2009

Tributes -

Robert Miller (1936-40) by Mike Nicholson-Florence

by David Mountain

by Sheila Sandford

by Peter Bond

Peter Weller (1943-48) by David Mountain

- and Memories of his Schooldays

Tim Edwards (1936-73) by Steve Wilkinson

- an article on Tim from “Get Surrey” (dated June 26, 2009)

Hugh Higby (1937-44) by Bert Randall

Frank Withers (1937-45) by Peter Savage

News from Anna Yarde - 2008 Bursary Award Winner

News from our members

Doug Constable

Maureen Meier

Welcome to David Sheppard (1947-55) from South Africa

Mole Valley Today - Sheila Sandford

An interesting filler from Andrew Glass, from NL#5 in 1995

Old Dorkinian Cricket - Dave Wilcockson

New Dorkinian Football - Peter Mills

Two items requiring your attention, please




Spring 2009




News from the Secretary

News from the Membership Secretary

Tributes to .........

         Geoffrey Goldsmith (1936-2008) from his son Richard

         Owen Roy Withers (1922-2009) from Peter Savage

         Bert Dawkins (1923-2009) from his son Gareth

         Peter Weller (1930-2009)  

Memories of Alan Posner (1927-2008) from David Boxall and Tony Winkworth

Awards Evening at The Ashcombe School

News from Bursary Award Winners:

         Emma Savage - working in the media

         Anna Yarde - first year at Cambridge

News from our members:

         John Crookall - reviews his life and career

         Janet Blackburn - Hamburg exchange 1955

         Hazel Larcombe - the post-war years

         Lesley Garner's view on 1992 Reunion - sent in by Ken Pearce

         John Hayns - notes on charcoal burning

Link with the past - Colin Grundy

Photos from the 2008 ADA AGM and Lunch

War Memorial - the variation of years

News from Mole Valley - Robert Miller

50 years in the Leatherhead Horticultural Society - Sheila Sandford

Old Dorkinian Football Club - Peter Mills

Old Dorkinian Cricket Club- Dave Wilcockson

Memories of the 1948 Olympics

Never too old to learn - Aileen Bradford





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