Currently editions for Spring & Autumn 2012

Last updated – 1st October 2012



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Edition for Spring 2012


News from the Secretary                           

News from the Membership Secretary      Ted Hazelden

In Memory of David Thorning 

Tributes to  Philip Durant                             from Mark Gatford

                                                                                Ian Poulter

School Reunion 2012                                              Sheila Sandford

A Cry for Help                                                          Sheila Sandford  

Happy Birthday to  Vera Freeman                           Michael Jarvis

Peter Mills  MBE                                                       Surrey Mirror

Merry Hockeysticks                                                   Pauline Bartlett

Our man in Kabul                                                       Graham Smith

A New member aspiring to great heights                Joanna Brigham

Where do we go from here?                                     Roger Cullis

Railway  Children  I                                                    Ken Pearce

Railway  Children  II                                                   Ralph Mann

King George VI.   The day the king died                    Eileen Fox

                                                                                   Hazel Smith

                                                                                   Sheila Sandford

Readers’   Mail                                                           John Bradshaw

                                                                                    Ashton Emery

How to find a missing Dorkinian              Inspector Clouseau & Team

Mole Valley News                                       David Mountain

Old Dorkinian Cricket Club Fixtures           David Wilcockson



Edition for Autumn 2012


News from the Secretary     

News from the Membership Secretary          

Tributes to David Wilcockson

                                                                                      John Newell

                                                                                      David Mountain

                                                                                       Mark Longhurst

School Reunion 2012                                              Sheila Sandford

Thoughts of the Reunion                                      David Bassett

Bursary Award 2012                                                Mike Nicholson-Florence

A Flyer’s Story                                                           Arthur Lowndes

80th birthday celebrations

                                                                           Valerie Bartlett

                                                                           Turville Kille

Our man in Djibouti                                                 Graham Smith

Worthing Walks in the 60s                                    Rob Worsfold

Olympic Spirit                                                             David Mountain et al

Panoramic Update                                                    Mike Nicholson-Florence

Website news                                                             Mike Nicholson-Florence

Railway Children                                                         Mike Dobson

Mole Valley News                                                      David Mountain

ODCC Cricket                                                                Mark Longhurst

General Knowledge Quiz 1957                              Michael Jarvis