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               Newsletter #42 Spring 2013


News from the Membership Secretary                       Ted Hazelden

Living Memories

Peter Bond(1935-41)                                                  Sheila Sandford

Stanley Bruinvels (1932-39)                                    Michael Bruinvels

David Burt(1939-47)                                                      Maureen Burt

Frances Carder(1929-35)            Freda Clarke and Sheila Sandford

Ernest Alexander Collins (1933-37)                               Beryl Collins

Roy Guthrie(1945-52)   Sydney Morning Post and Sheila Sandford

Alan Howells (1949-56)                                                           Jill Parr

Ian McClure (1958-65)                                                         Bill Ridley

Peter Mills(1938-46)                         David Mountain and Mark Mills

Harold Wardale (1952-59)                                          Doug Constable

Leslie Galbraith (1955-86)                                          Maureen Farley

Career Development in the Philippines                                 John Hayns

Growing up in Holmbury St Mary                                       Michael Jarvis

Eleven weeks in Poland                                                             Bill Ridley

Daisy Chains in 1977           Mark Rogers and Mike Nicholson-Florence

Chuter Ede                                                                            Turville Kille

Hamburg Revisited                                         Nick Ridley and Liz Benger

Mole Valley News                           David Mountain and Sheila Sandford

Old Dorkinian Cricket Club                                              Mark Longhurst

School Panorama Photos                                                     Ted Hazelden


             Newsletter #43 Autumn 2013


Diary Dates

Reunion Day Oct 12th

News from the Membership Secretary                           Ted Hazelden

In Memoriam

Gill Goswell (1976-2009)                                         '      Sue Thompson

Rosemary Jenner (1958–1963)                                      Colin Twamley

                   - A Wonderful Neighbour                                 Esme Weller

Bursary Award 2013                                              Mike Nicholson-Florence

Dr Trefor Jones Headmaster (1943-57)                                      David Jones

The Seven Day Syllabus                                                          Ashton Emery

David Mountain’s Golden Wedding                                     Sheila Sandford

Visit to Llandeilo                                                                            Nick Ridley

Poplar Road School reunion                                                Sheila Sandford

Old Golfers at Clandon Regis                                               David Mountain

OD’s in the Philippines                                                                 Nick Ridley

Mole Valley News                                                                   David Mountain

Old Dorkinian Cricket Club                                                    Mark Longhurst